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Bill Donnelly It has been my pleasure to serve as the Horsham Republican Party Chairman for the last 38 years. I step down knowing that new Chairman Anthony Spangler can pick up where I left off and perhaps offer a fresh perspective and some new ideas in the process.

I have enjoyed my time working for the good of Horsham Township. I moved to the township in 1971 with the goal of raising my family. I accomplished that objective and many more that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I love my community and am proud of having helped usher in many fine local elected officials who have worked hard to keep our taxes low, while still maintaining the services, roads and recreational areas that we have come to expect.

As Chairman, and as a resident, I watched as our township transformed from mostly farmland to the thriving community it is today. Our abundance of parks, open space and our exceptional school system do not come by chance. It has taken careful planning and commitment to carefully mold our township into the best municipality it could be.

With NASJRB-Willow Grove’s closure and impending redevelopment, Horsham will undergo another renaissance of sorts. I trust that as our elected officials map out the future for roughly 10 percent of our township, they will do so with the best interests of the residents in mind.

As a former Horsham Township Councilman and a current member of the Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority, I understand the level of consideration that goes into developments with far less impact than the former base.

As I take off my Party Chairman hat, I look forward to watching Horsham’s next evolution.

Speaking of hats, I’ve been known to wear many – funny ones at the nine Republican National Conventions I’ve attended, as well as dual hats in my work and political life. From 1984 through 2007, I served as Montgomery County Prothonotary. Even though I am semi-retired, I still dabble in commercial real estate and insurance. Of all my jobs, none have involved as much work as my Party Chairman role. But, then again, none of my other positions were quite as rewarding either.

My children are products of our Blue Ribbon Award-winning schools and have benefitted from their upbringing in our great community. I’d like to think that my service had a little something to do with that.

While I cherish my time serving the Horsham Republican Party, I realize there comes a time when you have to pass the gavel. Anthony is the perfect man to pick it up and move the Party forward. He offers fresh perspectives and an innate passion for local government.

I plan on staying around and guiding the transition for a while. After serving on the Horsham Republican Committee for more than four decades, it’s not possible to simply walk away completely.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your Party Chairman.

Bill Donnelly

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